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We are blogging!

WELCOME to our blog, thank you so much for surfing by!!! I've been dreaming of blogging about life here at Westfield for some time now, but as 'time' is something none of us seem to have enough of, it's remained just that - a dream... Until... Game changer, this month the youngest of our 3 daughters started nursery school, so I'm CHILD FREE five mornings a week for the first time in almost 9 years!

Above: Me & my girls on Curlews Veranda last month - Iona, 6 (left), Delilah, 3 (middle) & Grace, 8 (right). Bit bedragled after a dash around the hut field!

I'm so looking forward to sharing with you what we get up to at Westfield day-to-day, giving you a closer look at our lifestyle, B&B, shepherds huts and the great things to see & do across Northumberland.

Above: Tim & Iona in out kitchen - one day soon we'll get one pic with all 5 of us in it!

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